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Lamento - White Notes

I’m going to cut to the chase with this one since it’s been so long since I originally tried working on it. Images in this post are from the half-size scans.

Original size scans (216mb)

Small size scans (half the size of the originals, 57mb)

Edit: I accidentally left out a page, you can find it here. It’s all text so at the moment I’m not that concerned about re-uploading the folders for the sake of having it there.

Lamento: White Notes is an art book made for the Lamento: Beyond the Void visual novel by Nitro+Chiral. The first third of the book contains concept art, character portrait illustrations, and sketches by Chinatsu Kurahana, while the rest is composed of short stories for each love interest character and interviews with various contributors to the game. It’s decently in-depth and has a similar format to other Japanese art books for video games and visual novels (actually reminds me a lot of Baten Kaitos’ art book specifically).

White Notes has some plot-relevant imagery so I’d advise those who don’t want to spoil themselves that this is probably a book to look at after playing the VN. Aside from that it’s fairly worksafe excusing a couple kissing/groping sketches.

For anyone unaware, the visual novel Lamento: Beyond the Void is a boy’s love story set in a fantasy setting with humanoid cat creatures called Ribika, along with monsters, devils, wizards, shamans and all sorts of interesting creatures. Even though it can be labeled as an adult game it contains a fairly large amount of world building and lore, and as many who have or haven’t played it may be aware of - a mind-blowingly good soundtrack. There is a planned english patch in the works and one of its translators has already done an excellent job on their own translating the text of character routes - which can be found here. I highly recommend checking it out.

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“I’m sorry… Anna. I won’t be able to show you that lovely red anymore.”

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